Harare Physical Address

24 Mon Repos
2nd Floor South Wing
Newlands Shopping Centre
Enterprise Road, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263 (04) 746356
Email: eacouncil@zol.co.zw

Bulawayo Physical Address

8B Robert Mugabe Way
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263 (09) 70044
Email: eacbyo@gmail.com


Requirements for opening an Estate Agency

The requirements for opening an estate agency are as follows:

  1. Open a trust account with a commercial bank into which all moneys must be deposited.
  2. Must have a principal registered estate agent in charge of the trust account.
  3. Letter from bank confirming opening of trust account with initial bank deposit.
  4. Complete EAC 3 and annual return forms (available at the Council).
  5. Letter from Chartered Accountants stating that the agent has been explained the system of bookkeeping in connection with trust accounts.
  6. CR 14 indicating the Principal Registered Estate Agent as one of the Directors.
  7. Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership agreement.
  8. If the principal agent has been working for another firm then a closing audit is required.
  9. The Principal Registered Estate Agent must be an executive director and main signatory to the trust account, and a letter is required to this effect from the bank.
  10. Indigenisation compliance certificate. 
  11. Police clearance for the directors.

Payments towards a new company:

  • Registration Fee $1 000.00
  • Principal Registered Agent $350.00
  • Other Registered Agents $300.00
  • Negotiators $100.00(per negotiator)